this song is called nelson
this line is called nelson
this mourning is called nelson
this dish shall be called nelson
this melody is called nelson
this street we call nelson
this corner is nelson
this eye contact nelson
this moment nelson
this monument nelson
it is called nelson

this is a normal night nelson
in a normal country nelson
nothing to stay awake for
nothing to fall asleep to
peace nelson
piece by piece your dreams
will be brought to justice
this fall nelson
I will remember you nelson
and that this strange word
forgiveness now should be spelled nelson
n like negotiate
e like equality
l like legacy
s like serenity
o like oh what now and shall we?
n like nelson
this day is called nelson
every minute should be like asking what are we to do nelson?
politics should be named nelson
so no one can compromise nelson
please people do rise above
please do not brand nelson
do not incorporate nelson
leave nelson be
let him sleep for a while
while we call this particular light nelson
let’s call it a night
don’t say goodbye nelson not yet
let’s stay next to nelson

and tell him how you are
and who you are and why
you are sad and quiet
still mad and still quiet
tell nelson it will change

the next change shall be called nelson
and the next nelson hopefully change



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