some poems i wrote in english for an exibithion of drawings of michael günzburger:

ueli there is no future in this ueli

ueli the fountains will never dry out

and the air is full of sand

or at least it appears to be

the cobblestones are not old ueli

they are in fact younger than you

ueli be careful of the trams

because the trams are somehow silent

and sneak up on you while you

fall asleep sleepwalking ueli

the clock tower is hoarse and

coughs up a bird every hour

that’s about all the action you get


quiet rüedu

and change your t-shirt

people stare

they always do

they stare at nothing

or at each other rüedu

or they stare at you

when your t-shirt is dirty

or yellow or if it’s cold

and you are not wearing enough

rüedu i know it’s hard

to be appropriate

but just try a little harder


rosmarie you mustn’t put

the garbage bag outside on tuesday

tuesday is not a garbage day

they will fine you again

rosmarie tuesday is paper

twice a month rosmarie

it is not very complicated

so do you want to get fined

every wednesday or not


pesche one day i will discover my city

one day i will pesche i tell you i will

count the fountains take pictures of

bridges and put them in a catalogue

pesche i will pay every forest around it

a visit and i will bury in each of them

something that is dear to me listen pesche

i will climb every stutz and sit on

every bench in all the seasons pesche

you will be amazed how informed i

will be about the city i live in before

being too old to explore can you please

bring me another beer pesche thanks


housi turn the music down

housi think about the neighbours

housi shut the windows now

housi please tell them to leave

housi honestly your friends

housi are sorry but really

housi they are assholes

housi not knowing how to behave

housi we all run out of patience

housi you talk to the cops alone



söne when i walk the streets

the streets seem to walk over me

söne sometimes i feel so heavy

that i don’t remember i was once

any younger any smaller

any lighter anything else

söne the years are going down

the drain like the aare flows

down into the rhine and i

still scratch my head wondering

scratch my head wondering

about what it was that i forgot

söne the sky is made from lead

and i feel so tall sometimes

that i have to hold it up it is

heavy to walk these streets söne


any tool can be tired schänggu

any tool is allowed to break

to not function to die schänggu

any tool like a mobile phone

or let’s say my computer


we allow our tools to get tired

to be worn out schänggu

you know what i mean

we allow them to malfunction

and to die after some time


let’s say four years schänggu

five years tops and then every

tool dies on us schänggu there is

no real attachment to things

we want to outlive them


even real estate schänggu

is a mere tool designed

to outlive us schänggu

to be repairable to be still

there when we are not anymore


tools get tired schänggu

and we grow tired of them

they help us not to get tired

of people schänggu or

the real estate we live in



schämpu écoute-moi

schämpu mon ami

cette porte s’ouvre

dans cette direction

schämpu est-ce que

tu es soûl ou quoi

la porte n’a pas changé

mais il semble que tu ne

te souviens plus schämpu

je me fais du souci

schämpu si tu te frappes

la tête tu pourrais la

perdre ou peut-être

tu l’as déjà perdu puisque

tu ne te souviens plus

dans quelle direction

cette porte s’ouvre

mais mais schämpu


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